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Done. One more site came alive


One more site came alive. Several month had no time to embody the idea from my head. Finally did.
Hope you will enjoy.
Now have to look for the client. smile


Wow.. tongue hit the floor on this one.. nice work and interactions. Very nice.


Thank you blush There were many tries before I found right solution. But I did! lol


That is a pretty amazing web site, was the gallery made in webflow?


Thank you, Matt. Yes, everything is Webflow made. Only embed code - extended part of contact form, but even there are webflow classes.


Great job @sabanna smiley

I was unable to find the contact form anywhere? Am I just missing it?
I love the interactions!!! Fantastic job! smile feels like curtains being pulled for the interactions. smile nice work!


Thank you, Waldo blush
"Contact me" section you couldn't find? smiley click on the right collumn one on the 2nd page


Really nice work. I've been working on some page interactions for an upcoming's nice to be able to accomplish those in Webflow and you did a nice job.


Thanks Jason smiley I already having next idea in my head. But will start to recreate it after finishing customer site.


How did you setup your page slide in from the left? Did you attach the animation to that page or to the button?


It helps to read smile My bad Anna haha


I have been playing with relative/absolute positioning. If element aligned to the right corner it will start to "grow" from the right side, if aligning to the left - from left side, if it is centered it will grow from the center to both sides.

Here is link to project, you can look on interactions