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Double style displaying


If you see any text links on this page they have a greeny yellow underline.

Now click on Course Details. You'll see that all the Full Syllabus links are double underlined. I can't work out why.

Help to remove this extra formatting would be appreciated. Thanks

Updates to the post:

Read only link:

Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari - all display same problem

Screen shot:

Also, the tabs themselves should have no bottom border but are displaying a bottom green border.



Hi @BFast I'm happy to take a look. Can you please update your post following these guidelines:

Thanks in advance! smile


I posted this months ago and still have the problem. I updated the post back in March as requested but so far still no help. Please can you look at the problem. thanks.


Hi @BFast

You have a P tag in an A tag with a classname of textlinks. Remove that class name from that element and you should be good to go smile

​Try these steps and let me know if you're successful.



Thanks but if I remove that text links class the top line disappears and the lower line remains where as i want the extra lower line to disappear and the upper line to remain. Also, the other places, for example the footer links, don't have that class that i can see so it must be in something else. I have had a really good look but i can't locate which style it is that holds that second lower green line.

Please could you take another look for me?


There's only one line in my screen:


That's weird. I've tried 4 different devices and all show the double line problem. But it's kind of comforting to know at least some people might be getting a single line view!

Still hoping someone can help please smile



I've checked on another browser on my mobile and see the double line.
Try using some unique classes on the link, style that individually from the


Or put in custom code:

    .w-inline-block {

That should solve it as well. Although it will mess up other parts of the site wink. So use a different class


Hi @BFast, there is a custom code widget, being used in one of your columns on your page:

It is having some custom border styling that is being added to the A links class, to add border. The textlinks class is nested inside of the A Link, so that is why there are double borders, it seems to me.

I would remove the following styles from the embed widget:

  border-bottom: 2px solid #cad444;
  border-radius: 10px;

Then wait for changes to save and republish your site. Then check again and see if there is any issue.



Fantastic, thank you. That seems to have worked.