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Double 'www' in front of URL for custom domain, website not working



I’m having an issue with one of my client’s websites.
Basically, even though I followed the custom domain guide and everything (and it’s not the first time I’m doing this), for some reason going on the domain ( or its www. variant) will show a double ‘www’, as in, — and nothing shows up as well.

The custom domains have both been checked, and the A records + CNAME seem to point to where they need to (see attached screenshot), but it’s not working.

For reference, the registrar is GoDaddy, with whom I’ve had good results in the past and fast propagation.

Could anyone offer some help?
Much appreciated,



Thank you for reaching out about getting the double ‘www’ on your custom domain. Great question, and I’m happy to help.

To prevent the double ‘www’ - select the www. variant of your custom domain, and re-publish your project to your custom domain.

Hopefully this is helpful, and I would love to know if it works.


Hey, it worked, thanks!

For some reason I thought it didn’t due to the browser cache not updating. I’m still having the issue of seeing it on my side, but I can go incognito, and other people can see it with no issues.