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Download button not downloading file


Hi all, I have a button linked to a file that's suppose to trigger a download when clicking on it, but for some reason it doesn't work. I.e. clicking it does nothing. Copying and pasting the link into a browser, does however download the file...

As a test, I've created a fresh new project and linked a button to the url and it then works. I was wondering if it's possibly a JS problem?

Anyone who can maybe have a look at this problem?

Thanks Steyn


I don't believe Webflow has the capability you're looking for – there is no way to create a download button.

However, several people have asked how to do this, and this is the best answer I've found:

So, you upload the file to DropBox, get the link from DropBox, insert the link in Webflow, and change the link so the final "0" is a "1."

I've used this method, and it works just fine.

Hope that works for you! :grinning:


Maybe I didn't explain this well enough, but all files are stored on my side (Google Appengine) and the download button would point to the file's url. So downloading a self-hosted file is definitely possible. I was able to recreate this when I created a new project but there seems to be something strange going on with the above project.

Any other thoughts?


Can you share a link to the example that works the way you want it to? Comparing the two might yield some insight.


Hi Steyn,

Its working here! when i download the file i get the zip file!
Chromo browser...


Thanks guys, we've figured it out outside of webflow. Don't know exactly how but it works now.

Thanks all!

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