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Drag & Drop copy functionality gone?


Has the drag & drop to copy function been removed or altered?


Hi, it is working for me at least... Cheers


@doctor are you talking about holding ALT when dragging and dropping to copy paste an element? It's working as usual. What are you referring to?


I have that problem to. Started a few days back. Tried with both Canary and stable Chrome. I can't alt-drag objects.


Me too. Found this issue while working on client's website.


Same issue happening here.


Yup. Same here also frowning


@cyberdave, @jorn, @bartekkustra, @evan, @marcremblance - Thanks for your feedback guys! It's definitely a bug. We'll push a fix asap!


@cyberdave, @jorn, @bartekkustra, @evan, @marcremblance - hey guys, sorry about that! I just pushed a fix, so it should work after a refresh. Please let me know if it's still broken for ya.


Works perfectly, thanks smile


Perfect it's working!!


Drag and drop isn't working for me.

Windows 10, Chrome Version 49.0.2623.87 m