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Drawer navigation


I am new to web flow and want to create the sidebar navigation like bellow site
can anyone help or any guidelines how to create it


Hi @shashi ,

Have a look at this webflow tutorial. Hope this help.


Hi @Sven_Erik_Slattedale Thanks for the help.
I have gone through this video but I want to make custom nav bar not built in :frowning:


You want a slide out from the right like the photographer site you posted?


@garymichael1313 yes, you got it correct :slightly_smiling_face:


Go to my collection page and preview:

In the nav click Open Panel


@garymichael1313 its not working :frowning:


Oh okay, I’ve been working in it and had to close so I could see :blush: It’s published now:


@garymichael1313 it helped me thanks :slight_smile:


Excellent, no problem, have a great weekend.

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