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Drop Down Menu Help


Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble creating a drop down to the side within a drop down menu.

To explain it a bit better I’ve included 2 screenshots below:

What I’m trying to achieve:

What is happening now:


Thanks guys :slight_smile:



Basically you want multi-level menu something like this:



Yes please. any idea how to achieve that?


Hi there! Yep, it’s not very difficult. There’s a number of steps. Do you want an entire menu, or a few links? Give me an idea what you want. # of links, names, etc.


Hi there!

At this point just

Platform > Portal > FAQs / Feature Index

Thank you so much


Okay I’ll help ya do it. Just give me a minute, I’m helping another member. I’ll send you message to your profile in a bit.


Awesome. Looking forward to it!!


Hi Raquel,

Have you started on the dropdown? Do you still need my help?

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