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Drop down menu lapping under another drop down menu


Hi guys, I'm having trouble with a drop down menu in my header going underneath another drop down menu, I have played with the Z-index but no luck, see image.
Any information or ideas would be much appreciated



"Played" with the z-index haha, I've been there, failed every time, decided to learn more about it (:

Ok the grand rule is z-indexed elements must be on the same level in your site hierarchy. So start by removing every z-index you've put and do it again. start by putting a "2" index on the upper element possible (for example the section hosting your navbar), then put a "1" index on the section hosting the other menu that goes under". These two sections must be SIBLINGS. If you master this simple rule then you can come back and help me solve all the z-index issues of users around here smiley


Thanks Vincent that worked like a charm.