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Dropdown Component - Transitions?


I am trying to use the dropdown component. Mainly just trying to figure out how it works. I can add links and style it. I want to be able to have it slide in from left or right. I have read documentation but the settings for ease in and left or right are not there. I read in a forum post that transitions can be added. But I'm not sure where to add them.

I basically want to recreate the hamburger menu from the navbar component. I want to be able to click on a menu item and control how the sub-menu items appear. Slide in from the right for example.

Is there some more documentation on how to use dropdown component. I have searched help docs and forum.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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The transitions for the Drop Down menu can be found at Interaction level. It's one of the triggers of the Interactions.


Vincent, thanks for your reply. I wasn't sure which div to apply the transition to. Figured it out by working through a tutorial on making an accordion using drop down. (Although once I got transition to work, i couldn't figure out how to edit and add content on the drop down list.)