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Dropdown menu open and close animation



Trying to animpate a drop down menu to open and close smoothly rather than just appear here:

as well have it appear upon hover

Thanks in advance for the help


Hi, there's an Interactions trigger for exactly that:

You can see it in action here, check the Eased dropdown :


Hi Vincent, I tried to look at the link you posted but it looks it's been moved... confused

I'm having the same problem - in a one page website, the dropdown menu does not close automatically after one clicks on an element of it - and I would LOVE to solve this problem...
If you could kindly give me some hints, it would be GREAT!

Thanks for your time.


oops...sorry! that 404 is not a real 404!!! duh mask sorry about that!


It IS actually a real 404 ツ

The page is now here

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