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Dropdown menu works on home page but not on others


Dropdown menu works in my nav on the home page but not on other pages even though it's the exact same everything... why?


Hello @TriceWD

Try this


I understand what you did but I don't understand how that fixed it.

The home banner (like all the other banners) have a z-index of 0... so that nav should have been showing on top of any of the banners anyways.

I really do appreciate the help though! :smiley:


Ahah, i haven't look at your other sections, i just tried this and it worked for me (most of the time it's z index issues).
Did it solved it for you ?
It's working for me


It solved it for me, but I'm more interested in why it worked so I can learn how to resolve this by myself in the future...

Perhaps it was because everything had a 0 z-index? I doubt it. If that's the case then why does it work on some pages and not others?

Very odd. I blame the internet.



Maybe your Z index on your image

Since the menu goes above it probably doesn't display at all
Try to play with this if you want to understand it's probably the reason.
It's a Webflow dropdown so i'm not exactly sure how it's supposed to react when this happens


Perhaps, but wouldn't it still show until it reached the image?

Also, the menus didn't show up on the contact page either until I implemented your fix.

Some days CSS is so clear and easy, and other days you're like "What am I even doing with my life?" haha!


Ahah yep. I personally always add max index on the menu.
Anyway if it's solved your issue please check the solved box so the topic can be closed :wink:


Thank you Thank you!


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