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Dropdown Nav menu Disappeared?!


I was checking the site I created in a browser and noticed the dropdown menu button doesn't seem to interact with click or touch on tablet or smaller screen sizes. I looked in the webflow designer the Nav links are there but are invisible. Can someone confirm if this is a bug or if I have overlooked something.

Here's a copy of the site for viewing:

Any help would be appreciated.


I see that it doesn't catch click, and that the menu is all broken, all the items are one on top of the other.

As your menu is simple, can I advice you to just... redo it from scratch? And come back here if it behaves funny again... I think that's the most effective solution.


Yeah I'll just redo it. SO strange though. Any reason why this happened. I haven't touched the Navbar since initially making the site and now it just doesn't work. astonished

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I don't know... I usually advice for redo when I don't understand the structure because it's obvious it has been manipulated a lot. I apply that to mylself a lot too :slightly_smiling: