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Dropdown Navbar doesn't work



My website has a problem with the mobile NavBar. On any mobile device the menu dropdown doesn't work (I have Menu Type=Dropdown)...whenever I change the Menu Type to Over Right/Left it works for some reason but I dont want this.

Please help me out, thanks.


Hey @rhami could you send over a Preview link. I sometimes notice something similar but would need to check to be sure




that's not a preview link... that's a publish link.

watch this video. follow the steps... to setup a preview link


Sorry here you go:


Something is weird in your project.

But... as an initial test - try sticking the navbar to the top.

See video

also try removing the top padding on the desktop.

This will cascade down to the smart phone.


It is at the top...I followed your tutorial to a tee. It was working fine then a stopped all of a sudden. I need the padding top or else the links won't be vertically centred in the header area


FYI I removed the padding-top and still the same issue...



at the desktop level... change the position of the navbar from auto to relative

see video


Perfect that worked, thanks very much

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