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Duncan's Webflow Showcase Search Site


While we don’t officially have a search feature for our showcase site section, our community is there to help

Big thanks to @DuncanHamra for building this:

With this site, you can search through all of our showcased sites. This post will be forever pinned to this category :slight_smile: :heart:

You can follow Duncan’s Webflow profile here:

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@PixelGeek Thank you. You the man!! I hope this helps some people out.

If anyone has any ideas, critiques, comments, or whatever feel free to message me. Happy to hear them :slight_smile:


Super cool, but a lot of sites are missing if i compare with the official one

How is search working? if i type in the name of a site it gets 0 results unless it’s on your sites homepage.

Amazing work though! Just shouldn’t advertise it as searching all the showcased sites if not working fully yet. But I’ve no idea if you’ve had to collect these manually or not :slight_smile:


Hi @OvertonGraphics

It might not be clear from the intro above, but I think this site is initially focusing on the cloneable projects, rather than the whole showcase? @DuncanHamra can you confirm ?

Duncan posted on Twitter that another 1200 were added a few days ago, and I guess it will always be a work in progress as new sites are added. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah cool ok, yeah I wasn’t aware it was focussing on cloneable projects. very cool project! Maybe it should state read “Discover free cloneable templates, ui kits, and projects from the Webflow showcase”.

Obviously it doesn’t matter, and it does work how it is. I just missed that this was its main purpose which is my bad :slight_smile:


@StuM You’re exactly right. It’s only cloneable sites, and it’s a work in progress :slight_smile: You can think of this as the minimal viable product. If there’s enough demand, I’ll work on a better version.


Thanks @OvertonGraphics! I think you’re right about making “cloneable sites only” more clear. Great feedback :wink: I’ll change the h1 next time I’m in the build


Thank you @duncanhamra! this is super helpful


FYI you have a triple scrollbar on the project page