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Duplicate collection page template?


I'm sure this has been discussed ad nauseum, but how would I duplicate a page collection page template that I'd like to tweak into another similar page? It seems the only way to do it would be to manually re-create it piece-by-piece using the same CSS naming conventions per module, but that just seems cray-cray.

I know about the workaround of making entire containers into symbols, then plopping the symbol into a new page and unlinking it, but since this is a template page, symbols can't be created when there are nested dynamic elements involved.

Just to put this in the real-world context, I'm designing my portfolio site and just set up a page for a logo item page. I want to have a similar page for my print designs and my website designs.

If this were just HTML, I would copy the page and then switch out the code that pointed to the logo-specific dynamic pieces and then point them to the print pieces, for example.

Here's the logo page as an example:

Any ideas on how to do this efficiently? Thanks!

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hey @adiggy, I re-create it piece-by-piece using the same CSS naming conventions :slight_smile: It's indeed a bit annoying but using the same classes you can do it fast.

If there's a better way to do it, I'll be happy to know :slight_smile:



Me, too, Blaise. Thanks!


Any ideas on this other than doing it the manual way?


@adiggy great question!

A quick workaround I use right now to copy content from a Collection Template page is the following process:
- Move all of your content from the collection template page into a div block
- Duplicate that div block
- In that duplicate div block content piece, remove all bindings in the content until you have all static content with the design
- Then copy and paste that static design into the new collection template page and bind the data


Ah, okay, this clarification is actually quite helpful. Thank you!


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