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Duplicated Page Needs CTA To Link To Separate Pages


Hey guys–

So I duplicated a page on my site, but wanted to see what’s the quickest way to create different links for the CTA button at the bottom of the page.

I’ve tried a few different alternatives, but can’t seem to get each page’s CTA to direct to different pages since it’s a duplicated page. Essentially, I have two “How It Works” pages, and we want the “Match Now” button at the bottom to link to a different form for each of the pages.

I know it’s probably a simple solution, but I keep trying a bunch of alternatives, and can’t figure it out. Your help is much appreciated!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @jose_llorens,

Good question.

To change the link URL - you would need to unlink the CTA symbol:

Then, you can update the URL.

The following shows the steps I took to complete the solution:

Hopefully this helps :blush:



You’re a legend! Thanks for the help.

So simple…haha you’re the best


By the way…I’m looking to create a page similar to this…

You seem like an awesome person to ask :slight_smile: Any suggestions on setting up a layout that replicates this?? Appreciate the help once again.



Definitely, that is doable.

I’ll create the framework for it, and make it cloneable so that you can use it if you like.

Do you have any restrictions like will the majority of your users access the site with IE? I ask this because the layout can be completed with flexbox, but flexbox doesn’t play well with IE :blush:


WOW! You’re really a legend if you can make that happen. It’s a popular layout nowadays so I think a lot of people would end up using it.

Stoked to see it! I’m not too concerned about IE right now haha I’ve already experienced a lot of flexbox issues in the past. We’ll survive!


Well, it’s coming along:

I’ll let you know once it’s available :blush:


Hey @jose_llorens,

You can preview how to complete the layout at the following Webflow share link:

I plan on polishing the template quite a bit more, then providing it as a cloneable site.

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Best regards,



This looks great so far. It’s exactly the same! Good stuff.

Will get started on this in the meantime. Looking forward to seeing your final version though. Your work is remarkable.


Hey! I just posted this to the forum but also wanted to reach out directly to see if you have any feedback.

Was looking at my site earlier, and wanted to experiment to see if there’s a way to create a web app style flow where instead of scrolling traditionally down a page, users are guided through with full screen steps rather than having to scroll and digest content.

I was thinking about setting it up sort of like a slider with a fixed footer at the bottom to prompt users to the next section with a continue button. Wanted to see if anyone has tried to do something similar or has any suggestions on how to do so. Appreciate the help!


Btw…if there’s anything I can ever help you with just say the word. You’re a legend. Looking forward to hearing from you.




Yeah, this is definitely possible.

I quickly created something like what you are talking about at the following URLs:

I’ll polish this project, but until then you can clone it at the following URL:

Hopefully this helps :blush:


Awesome! This looks great!

It’s exactly how I thought I’d set it up. Wanted to know how it’s possible for the last step when a user is about to complete the process…how can I change the last CTA button from Next to Finish without affected the class I created.

You’re a true legend my friend.



Oh good stuff! :blush:

And, good question.

To change the last CTA you would need to place slider into a form, then hide the buttons at each end (see image below), and finally update the Submit button so that it is in the same location as the Next button was.

I’ve updated the cloneable site, placed the slider into a form, and added a Submit button as the last CTA:

Hopefully this helps :blush:



Hey @jose_llorens,

I just realized that I created an interactive mockup for Hunter some time ago that is very similar to what you are asking.

I just made the project cloneable for you:

Hopefully this helps :blush:


More than helpful! Stoked to use this.

Can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the help.

Exactly what I was looking for!


So…I think the first one you sent me is going to be a better fit regarding what we’re doing.

Essentially I want to turn the majority of the plages on this site into a walkthrough process without any form input.

I’m experimenting to see the flow of a site that walks the users through the process rather than having them scroll through.

Having some trouble with the flex items (submit button) when creating the slider page. Let me know your thoughts.



I just tried adding symbols into a slider and that didn’t turn out the way I planned…

How do you suggest approaching the layout you sent over using the current site that I have up. Looking to take the steps sections and how it works sections and turn it into a walkthrough (multi step form) where users can just click through each slide.

Ah! This sucks haha not sure what to do…


Hi @jose_llorens,

Sorry for the late response as I’m currently at my full time job, but I will be able to take a closer look and provide an answer before 8pm CST.

No worries :blush:


No worries!

That would be incredible. Thanks again!


Hey @jose_llorens,

I implemented the slider walkthrough on your “Hello Flow” page and created a video (no sound):

The video shows you how to place the slider navigation at the bottom of the page (setting a height, adding 0 to bottom margin), then I just added some content in the slider to show you how it works.

Hopefully this helps :blush: