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Duplicated section changes when I change main section

I duplicated a section and then Im trying to change background color etc of the section. But when I change background color the original duplicated section changes too.

How do I decouple two sections so that changes in one section dont affect the other?

Hi @ihaveadifferentname,

Welcome to Webflow and the Webflow Community.

When you duplicate (copy/paste) an element (in this case a section), the styling (class name) associated with that element is also copied across, therefore when you make a change to the class, all elements with that class will be affected.

To ‘de-couple’ the duplicated element, you will need to ensure it has a different class name. That can be achieved by giving it a completely new name (and therefore loos all styling from the previous class name), or you apply a ‘combo class’ and apply the separate styling.

Hope that helps,

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Thank you @knk ! It worked :pray:

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