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Dynamic Background Color


Hello everyone!

I'm wondering if its possible use this jquery plugin to change the background color of a section based on the dominant color of an image in the section. I've tried adding the jquery code to the area but I'm presented with a huge list of errors.

Here's a demo using the plugin:

Would this be possible to implement this plugin into webflow?

Thanks in advance!


Any luck there?

I am looking to do something quite similar, even simpler!

I just want to have a link in a section called "change color". If a user clicks there, it will reload the page with a new randomly picked background color.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I did some research and found this: but I dont even know how to use it frowning

Thank You So Much in advance!!! smile


you could archive the effect by adding a scrollinteraction on a white layer that turns 0% opacity and makeing a colored background behind it visible.

I don't know how to implement a .js plugin, but maybe this is a workaround wink


Yeah, thanks Paul, but still that is not what I need... :/ I'll keep hoping someone can give me a hand with it... smiley


If found this. Would it work out for you?


Thanks @Mike_Collison !!! I appreciate your input dude