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Dynamic Bar Chart in Webflow (no third party scripts)


Hi guys,

A little experiment with dynamic embeds, I made bar chart using Webflow only.

The entire 'bar chart' UI is made with Webflow.
I simply copied the html code snippet Webflow generates and turned it into a dynamic embed. :smiley:

Check it out here:

Let me now what you think!


How many more awesome Webflow experiments do you have left? Another awesome unique thing made in Webflow. Great job! :slightly_smiling::+1:


@VladimirVitaliyevich Haha thanks man! Yeah I just love to experiment in Webflow, endless. possibilities. :blue_heart:


Hi @SidneyOttelohe – hows things? I'm looking into options for creating charts and graphs etc on a webflow site, I'd be interesting in seeing what you did here but the links are not working anymore – are they still available? Thanks :slight_smile: