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Dynamic blog post - with dynamic button



I'm trying to figure out how to create a dynamic button with a dynamic blog post.

What I want is a button that can either be displayed or hidden and that the link to it can change.

I have static pages for reference below

The button I speak of is the round button just below the hero image with the subtitle "Have This Art."

Thoughts I how I can achieve this?

Button on -

Button off -



Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @PixelGeek,

How do you do a work-around using switch fields?




Hi @nathanphilsteele

Actually you do not need switches for these. You can use conditional visibility to show a button when the link is set and hide it when it's not set.

See in this video how simple it is to use this:

​Hope this is helpful.


Thank you for that @AnnaKelian that take care of one part...the other part is how to attach a dynamic link that links out to a specific product on my Etsy page. Each blog post will have a different link if the buy button is there.





You will be adding the link here:

So then you can link it to the button from the settings tab like this:

​Hope this is helpful.


Thank you for those answers @AnnaKelian. Last question relative to do I unlink the symbol?





Just right click on the symbol and click on unlink from symbol.


Thank you so much for your help @AnnaKelian !!

I'm definitely so much closer now :slight_smile:




You are most welcome @nathanphilsteele

Good luck with your project!


Hi @AnnaKelian,

The button was working until I put the actual url in as opposed to just the holder url

The blog post I've tried the etsy button for is





Hey @nathanphilsteele

Seems like you have bound the wrong field to conditional visibility. Instead of the link, you have added the Rich text field.

Once you fix that, the link will work as it should.

​Hope this is helpful.


@AnnaKelian you got me on the right path to figuring it out - it was linked to "Have this art" instead of "Have this art link"

The "Have this art" was a residual of my early brainstorming to try an figure it out.

Thank you @AnnaKelian and best,