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Dynamic Drop-Down Filtering

Hello all!

First post here. I’m quite new with Webflow, but here goes my question. I’m trying to create a dynamic drop-down filter of a CMS list, like this website here: (also made in Webflow).

Can anyone help out?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @samlafontaine,

Welcome to Webflow ! :slight_smile: I am new as well. I was also trying to find a solution to this… and came across this link.
Hope this helps!:slight_smile:


Hi @rannjan_joawn,

Thanks for posting. I’ve come across that but had a hard time implementing. Did you manage to do it? And are you using a CMS for your list?


I do not have any feedback, but I would like to know how you got your filters to its current point.

Hi @samlafontaine/ @Dominooch85,
I have saved these links for the time being as I am in the process of working on my 1st site and also understanding webflow. Once I will start using them… Will let you know when I start implementing these techniques :slight_smile: