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Dynamic Embeds a Premium Feature?


So with the development of the Dynamic Embeds did the ability to add an embed to a page move to a premium feature or were they always that way?

I am not apposed to paying for features, I just wanted to make sure that the embed would work with my content before signing up for a subscription. I was looking forward to this particular feature, but now I can not add it to my site.

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Hi @pempey, it used to be that custom code was limited to Personal Plan or higher. Hosting subscriptions now include the ability to use Custom Code :slightly_smiling:


Hmm, I have only ever had a Starter account but I seem to remember playing around with the Embed element. Now I can not add the embed element to a page, was that a change? Is there any way to know that what I want to use the Embed element for, sharing Tableau Public interactive visualizations, will work before starting a subscription?


Hi @pempey, it is possible to use custom code while on the starter plan, as long as there is a hosting subscription on the site.

There is not a "try before you buy" feature for the custom code, however we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

I hope this helps!


I understand that it now takes a subscription of some kind to access the embed element. What I am wondering now is if that is a change form the way is was a few weeks ago.


Hi @pempey, sorry for any confusion. Custom code has always been a feature of the Personal plan or higher membership. The latest update is that now a paid membership is no longer required.

Any site with a basic or cms hosting subscription will be able to use custom code.


@cyberdave & @pempey before it was possikble to use the embed field in the free plan, since you introduced the dynamic embed option, its not possible to use the embed field anymore. i dont understand why that is the case.


It's worth paying for nevertheless.

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