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Dynamic Event Calendar - Showing Past Events


Hi everyone,

I have a client that wanted a Dynamic Calendar. So I linked Zapier to Webflow and that part is working awesomely well! Now, Is there a way to show a past event in a Collection? My Client wants to be able to show something that occurred in the past maybe greyed out? Thoughts?

Read Only site:


It should certainly be possible - do you mean to only show past events or show both past and future events in the same list?

One way to do both is create two dynamic lists and style both the same apart from the first one with the grey styling.

Make the first dynamic list pull in the event data, and filter it to show in the past, then make the second one pull the same data but filter to show in the future

See this screenshot from a site with gigs/concerts:

Hope that’s useful!


Hi StuM, thank you for your help. Correct, my client wants to be able to show both past and future events in the same list. So that those viewing it will know what was missed or whats coming up. Thank you for your help on this I will experiment with this.


Cool, I think the idea should work then :slightly_smiling_face:

If they are styled very similar, it’s just a case making one follow the other seamlessly (on the eye) so it appears as one list. Look forward to seeing the final product!