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Dynamic Form Redirect Links


I design a lot of landingpages. Many companies use landingpages to showcase downloads (whitepapers, brochures, etc) which can be downloaded after filling out a contact form (to collect contact information). Many of these landingpages (if not, all) need seperate thank-you pages for each of the landingpages. Now, for many of these sites, I create these landingpages using CMS.

Using CMS, I can’t set custom Redirect URLs for each contact form in the Template pages. Only 1 static redirect url is available for each form. I imagine, it would be a fairly small addition in the Webflow form settings to make the Redirect URL a dynamic field. Which would mean, we can insert a thank-you URL in the CMS item, and grab choose to use that URL in the form Redirect settings.

I made a wishlist item for this feature;

We really need this!

I’ve seen many people requesting this feature on the forum, including;

@Damon_Daisley_Wilson, @cjroe, @KarlMyrvang, @Sebasgaes, @Kristian_Widjaja


@rowan Your description captures my situation exactly. Have you (or anyone else affected by this limitation) found a workaround or even a way to customize the Success Message with reference to the CMS item?


@rowan Using a url from the CMS Item for the direct url field on a form is a great idea.

@eburnett You can customize the Success Message easily. For example include a text field in the CMS Item for the Success Message and link that to the paragraph. Then you an even go a step further and add a button that is either defined by the CMS Item or conditional based on a field in the CMS Item.

This would be the basic idea.


Thanks @matthewpmunger! Those are helpful ideas and ones I hadn’t thought of - appreciate the response and ideas. I’m also looking into custom javascript to unbind the webflow form handling, grab the slug out of the url and provide a custom action using that slug.


If you really want to add some personality to the form success try adding an image, GIF, or video.


This is awesome, how can it be that i didn;t think of this!!! is a live webshop now!!!