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Dynamic image inside tab link?


Is there any way to display dynamic images inside tab links?

See tabs here: Particimate

I want client logo’s inside the tab links instead of plain text.

Read-only: Webflow - Particimate


Has anyone tried and solved this before?

Hey, it’s too easy.
You just have to insert an image into the tab link.

Let me know if I get you wrong.

Thanks @anthonychan2509 but I want the images to be dynamic and linked to the collection list inside the tab panes, by adding a new collection with client logo’s and connecting the two collections with ref fields.

Let me know if this clarifies the question enough!

I see!
You will need to hack the tabs.

Not sure if it is the same thing as you said. I did not dig into it yet.
Hope it helps!

Thanks again! However I already used this exact Finsweet library to create dynamic panes. Thing is, I want dynamic images in the tab links and that doesn’t seem to be possible here.

Again to clarify: everything is already dynamic and set - I just need to be able to insert images inside the tab links that directly refer to the collection item inside the link’s connecting pane.