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Dynamic items display on preview but not in live


Hello Guys,

I'm facing a problem with a dynamic block.

It's working on preview mode but not in live.

A screen capture of the preview (under "similar videos"):

A screen capture of the live website (under "similar videos"):

here is the read only link:

And the live page website :

Thank you,



Sorry, your Read-only sharing link doesn't seem to work anymore.

Could you please re-generate it?


In case of, here's the procedure:

1 - On your site's dashboard click the Share icon:

2 - Generate or Copy the link:

3 - Then edit your post here and paste it inside.


Hello @vincent

Here is a new one :

Thank you,


I see the issue but I don't know what's wrong.

have you tried rebuilding the dynamic from scratch?


Hi @LeftProductions

Dunno if it helps, but it seems that you have 2 items with the name "Love email again" and one of them is archived, maybe a conflict here..

Also, I don't understand why did you start at 3 here ?

Really hard to help you here since I can't publish the site ^^

Hope this helps...



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