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Dynamic Link Attributes in CMS?


I'm building out a page that allows people to sign up for updates on products by just clicking a button on the page. I'm collecting a tag attribute in the CMS and I'm wondering if it's possible to use a shortcode of some sort to set the link attribute once and have it dynamically apply the correct link tag.

- I collect a tag for Product One in the CMS backend of productOne.
- On the Product One listing, I set the link to go to my Thanks page, and I could just add tag=productOne to the custom < a > attributes field in webflow, but I'd rather be able to drop tag=someSortOfShortcodeWizardry instead so that will automatically pull in the specific tag for that post and apply it on the fly.

Is this possible?

Here's the webflow site, if that helps -

EDIT: Now thinking of tying into my email provider's API for this, but would still need to be able to grab those tags to insert into the API request dynamically.


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