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Dynamic List Layout not aligning well


Trying everything to align elements well in this dynamic list
They are 2 dynamic lists, one with just the top element, and one with the 3 bottom ones.
They are inside a DIV taking 75% of space. The idea would be that they don't leave this div and are touching both sides, but somehow it becomes weird. Any idea why this is happening?


Hi @Maria_la_Portuguesa,

Flexbox is much easier for this type of layout -

Hope it helps.



But i want to use the dynamic lists because of the CMS. These are blog articles! The dynamic list is inside a div which is using flexbox but somehow the thing can't align right

Justifying in dynamic lists

Hi @Maria_la_Portuguesa,

Could you provide the Webflow share link to your site:

I would be happy to take a look :blush:

- Micah

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