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Dynamic List Settings layout is not working


Ceases to work in a dynamic layout settings list.
Before everything worked.

Maybe I did something wrong?



same here, anyone knows whats going on there?


I'm not alone. Thank God. I has already started to worry. :smiley:


Hi @Daniel_Ace, @sebscheerer, thanks for the report. The issue has been reported and reproduced. As soon as there is more information, I will get back with an update.


Thanks @cyberdave we will wait


Hi cyberdave.

is there an ETA for this? i need it badly for an existing site


Dang it, I'm having the same issue! Wasn't happening last week, even with the same Collection. +1 here for some guidance!

I will say, however, that these Webflow guys (looking at you, @cyberdave) are fantastic with all these support requests. I picture a huge team of devs constantly running around trying to fix little things (I've written in about two or three this week) that happen as we're out here breaking s$%t. I know it's still a newish thing (especially the CMS) but these guys are hoppin'. And I greatly appreciate it!!