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Dynamic share buttons for different social media

Hi @Ds_Dotsquares

Meta tags should be automatically taken from the page where that share buttons added.
You may share your projects preview (read-only) link and I will be happy to take a look and help you


Hi @Hector_Munoz_Huerta!

You do not have to create that class, it is class name that is reserved and already exists in the default Webflow CSS, so the browser will recognize that class automatically. You also will not see it in your Style manager, because there are only styles, that created by user.

Hope it helps.


Works great, thanks for your patience!

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It all works great but the Pinterest button works only in the test server.

Once published the pinterest button doesn’t work:

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your patience!

I’m getting this warning from Chrome “This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources”

@sabanna How much can I pay you for you to do this for me on a website?

Change http to https.

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@sabanna thank you so much for this!
Is there a way to control the subject line in an email? Right now it will constantly show the name of the website no matter what i share

Hi, @Asaf_Ovdat

This part is taking the Site title (name)

Try to remove that part and add maybe some dynamic field instead

No, It didn’t work.
But, after changing it back to the original script it does

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Hi, it’s a great job, I try to implement this code on my website, Pinterest works fine but I still have a blank window when I share via e-mail, even if I replace the _blank attribute with the _self attribute, any idea to fix this issue ? thx

Most likely this is due to no default email handler set on your computer, so nothing happens.

Hello, I’m using these buttons on a site, but the Pinterest button only works on the webflow subdomain version, not on my custom domain.

Hi @parkerwest!

Try this:

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You’re a genius! Thanks a million. This whole post has helped so much in my latest project!


Always welcome! Glad to hear it helps! :slight_smile:

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I Managed to have the buttons functioning but i can’t seem to avoid it from opening in a new tab… how can i fix this?

Great share. Thanks for share great information.

thank you for the information and efforts put by you to post .
great work.

great post any idea if I want to open this dynamic url using right click or middle click(mouse). ?
If i use them it doesnt work.
It only works when i do left mouse click