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Dynamic slider has blank slide or showing mask on last slide


I have a problem with this dynamic slider I cannot work out how to remove this last slide or mask at the end of each project. Click on Projects > Click a project (It will open into popup and show detail of project).

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Hi @Mark_Goudie

Thanks for posting about this!

At this time the slider isn’t fully dynamic. That is to say, you can add it to a collection page or list and binding images to the slides, but it’s not natively dynamic so it has some odd side effects. One such side effect is the last slide / mask that appears at the end.

We have an internal enhancement request filed to create dynamic components but I don’t have a definitive timeline as to when we’ll ship that.

For now, I recommend building out a dynamic slider using a bit of custom code. One of our community members made a great tutorial here: Creating a Dynamic Slider in Webflow

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