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Dynamic Video Lightbox!


This is great thanks! Question… how can I get autoplay to work?
When I add “?autoplay=1” to the youtube link it cause the video now to work. I tried adding “allow=“autoplay; encrypted-media”” but that didn’t work either. Not sure what to do. Whenever I added ?autoplay=1 to a video in the lightbox video element (without CMS, just regular) it works no problem. Curious if I am missing anything.


@samliew I’m having the same issue as @J_Canan, haven’t been able to fix it. Whenever I add “&autoplay=1” or “?rel=0” to the dynamic video link, it breaks the Youtube link and returns an error. It only works with the generic Youtube links. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance!


@samliew Where can I find how to format for a Vimeo video? Also, I am getting an error that “…webflowLightBox is not a function”. Is this different since the post has been made?

EDIT: I found the format for a Vimeo video by adding a light box with one and looking at that element in the console. Then just replaced the video url and id through the embed element “add field” option. It worked well.

As far as the webflowLightBox() is not a function. The work around here was to add a empty lightbox to the page and keep it hidden. This activates the embedded LightBox allowing it to open which im guessing the webflowLightBox function was meant to do.


@samliew is there any update to get autoplay to work with the lightbox video using the code here?