Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Dynamic website for a Public Speaker in AU


Hey Webflowers :wave:

* Fullscreen Welcome page with background video (simplified for mobiles)

  • Fullscreen event slider on the Home page

  • Teaching-Watch page auto synced with YouTube via Zapier: when new video is uploaded it is auto added to collection

  • Feed page being synced with Facebook public page via Zapier: supports texts, location, post time, images and videos sync

  • Broadcast schedule on Live page is linked with Events collection, you can simply toggle a switch if this is a live event.

  • Subscription page with quick subscribe buttons for Facebook, YouTube, Mixcloud, Mailchimp fully custom event page (including events template)

  • Custom Event page features dynamic Google map embed, location can be set in "Events" collection in the Editor separately for each event

  • I've styled the video view page very much alike YouTube, including fonts, borders etc.

  • Feed posts are styled in Facebook UI manner.

  • Other things like YouTube live stream embed, Mailchimp and PayPal Donation integration.

Waiting for pagination functionality added to Webflow or even better lazy load for this particular site to be able to load videos, audios, blog and social posts gradually @wishlist

Any feedback is very much welcomed.

Screenshots and detailed description in my portfolio


Nice work! I think the look is very professional.


First feedback! Thanks Sean :pray:

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