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E-Commerce function with CMS


CMS IS HERE! Wonderful news!

In the excellent Webflow video ( the main topic of conversation is about a furniture shop. I may have missed a trick here but I cant see anything obvious to produce an online shop with the CMS. Am I being totally stupid here or is this functionality coming later?



Hi @matt041105

Go to this page a little ways down it mentions coming soon features, Ecommerce is on there!

Exciting stuff!



Excellent, I look forward to it.

Classic question now, When will it appear? Are we talking days/weeks/months do you think?



@matt041105 well I guess they wouldn't mention it as a coming soon, if they didn't feel they could deliver in an arguably good time!? But I think no matter how fast it comes it will never be fast enough!



I hope you're right @Aaron! Especially as it was a massive part in the main CMS video.

I guess it is human nature to always want more! smiley

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