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E Commerce made with foxy


Hi webflowers.

I have now made THIS online store with Webflow and Foxy. And the experience working with foxy has been amazing.
This is some of the functions I have implemented with some help from foxy.

The client is shipping to a selected countries around the world where we have set the manual shipping cost to every country. We implemented a Gift card solution that only sells in Norway.
And I was easy to change the look of the store with some CSS.

This and more foxy fixes with ease. And I have just scratched the surface.

I can't be more happy with the service and just wanted to tell everyone at webflow that this is a powerful and affordable ecommerce solution. Now I just hope webflow starts integrating with foxy :wink:


Hi @krubens.
Amazing job on the website and thank you for the encouraging feedback! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. As always, let us know if you need anything.



This is the best integration I have seen with foxy cart, you have spent some time on this and its show in the work.

The guys at foxy cart are really helpful, support is top notch!


I've also created a simple site with a Foxy store and just wanted to underline their great support and smooth Webflow integration.

Good job! @krubens :wink:


Thank you @daniel_cleayweb and @nita_design :smiley:

Yes it was some work but both webflow and foxy made it 100 times easier than how it used to be :slight_smile:


@daniel_cleayweb @nita_design @krubens Thanks for the encouraging feedback! It's an honor to get to serve such amazing designers/devs/merchants.




This is what Jen Simmons is talking about in her "(web) designers need to get out of our "ruts" (well worn grooves) and break out now. We're no longer relegated to using old ideas because we must. Your site looks like a magazine... like a print catalog. To me, this is the way the web should look, with the good function you're showing here. Calls to read stories and other CTA are great because we've all (should have) got the memo by now that stories are great for conversions. Tells a story, captivate people and establish engagement. Am I going to ding you on a missing phone number above the fold? Sure! But that doesn't negate that this is going to be what part of the web's future looks like, or at least should!

Awesome job, sir!

Take care,


Thank you Brian, thats some really nice words. I really appreciate it! :smiley:
And thank you for the link as well, will check that out!

OMG Bryan, the video is SO interesting! So much cool stuff to look forward to! :smiley:




Here is another one, advanced (fast forwarded) to the part where she is talking about graphic design and magazine layouts and how they pertain to the web.




@krubens were you able to find a good resource for customizing your cart and checkout pages? struggling with my own right now!


Or better yet, @krubens – how do I do exactly what yo did with your foxycart integration :wink: ?


Hi @Aiden_Bowman.
Feel free to email us with details on what type of customizations you’re wanting to do and we’ll get you more info.



Beautiful site @krubens, so nice to look at :slight_smile:


Hi Aiden. I used custom code in So I used ‘inspect’ in chrome and just changed most of the codes, With good help from the foxy team :smiley:

Thank you Cyberdave! :slight_smile:


@krubens gotcha – thanks!

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