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E-commerce pricing


Broadly, the pricing Webflow have set seem in an ok range.

1 – Clarification please: At Webflow say that entry level pricing is $29, same as Shopify. But isn’t it the case that Webflow’s e-commerce plans are on top of CMS plans? That would make it $45/month at the lowest. Could someone please clarify?

2 – Secondly, it’s a shame that Webflow have settled on a pricing model that starts at a price that I cannot sell to some people just starting out. It would be great if you could get a shop going for people that haven’t got any notable amount of sales yet. I know people that don’t yet want to afford the $29 a month for Shopify, simply because they haven’t got the sales yet to justify this. Instead they are stuck with eBay, Etsy and such.

Woudn’t it have been great if Webflow e-commerce had a $0 starting price (by all means do charge something for CSM/hosting) that goes up as sales materialise?

That means that I could sell the amazing Webflow platform to a lot more people. Ok, they are tiny fish, but who knows what some of them could grow into.

In any case, this is the idea I like: A sliding scale that gives you a FREE entry price:


To be clear, ecommerce site plans are not priced in addition to CMS plans - so $29/month is the entry level price, full stop.

As for our overall pricing approach, we aligned ourselves competitively within the existing market, looking at what other platforms charge and the value they provide.

One note on that front though is that unlike other platforms, Webflow doesn’t have a timed free trial — you can build your site for free, then go live only when you want to enable checkout and go live on a custom domain. Our hope is that helps upstart businesses get their store fully ready before they need to officially launch.


Thank you for clarifying @brjohnson.

Yes, exactly — when you could have come up with something significantly different to attract a lot more people to start out on your platform! I’ve just had a case like this where the person was hesitant even start out on a $12/month platform.

We’d have instantly jumped on to Webflow if there was a no sale, no fee price structure for the e-commerce functionality (still happy to pay for hosting and the CMS)