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E-commerce showcase examples?



I'm wanting to add printful products to my site: (FEATURED MERCH)

I was thinking of either using shopify or foxy cart.

I would love to see some samples of custom webflow e-commerce site to what is possible...layout, filtering products, etc.



Code ninja working with Buy SDK?

Hi @nathanphilsteele

this link might help :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply @PixelGeek.

I've seen that..but thank you for the refresher for sure :slight_smile: I guess I was just wanting to see more :slight_smile: Too, it would be nice to see something where the products fit in more than one product category.

i.e women/shirts
and these products could also be in a Blart, Alive you, or Find truth category as well as "normal" categories. (the categories names are irrelevant...I suppose only relevant to me, but it helps explain what I'm trying to say)

I guess I'm ultimately worried about products having multiple categories because there is some limitation around that with the current webflow CMS.

Also, maybe that would be something to add to the wishlist, filter the showcase by ecomm, service, portfolio, etc. ?



CMS + Ecomm + Code Help adding tags to blog and importing googlesheets

Hi @foxy,

Do you have some sites other than you template other than your template that are using webflow that you could send links to?




Hi @nathanphilsteele.
Nice to meet you! Yes, we have many live Foxy/Webflow sites:

Achieving Cures Together -
Alexandra Standahl -
Ariosa Coffee -
Audible Genisis -
Botanical Craft -
Ciro -
Editions Du Tresor. -
Fit 4 Adventure -
FlowerPop -
Glass Flowers -
Glass Polish -
Kollekt -
Mel's Toffee -
NoraJay Bracelets -
Persimmon Hill -
R&T Imports -
Shut Ur Pie Hole -
Visions of Ewe -

There are dozens more being built as well. Since Foxy allows you to build your website, product pages, category, pages, etc. with your desired tools (ex: Webflow) you're only limited to the limitations of that tool.

When it comes to multiple categories and product filtering, you sometimes have to get creative with Webflow's CMS but it is possible. Here is an example: This setup takes advantage of product categories, subcategories, product variants, and more. I personally designed and configured most of this site, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I can help you navigate through your needs and how to meet those needs with Foxy and Webflow.


Integrate Printful via Shopify while embedding catalogs and single products on my site

This is amazing! @foxy

Thank you, truly!



Hey @nathanphilsteele.
You are very welcome! Let us know if you need anything.



Nothing wrong with, but for your specific situation Shopify Lite is more likely to be the easiest way to integrate Printful while embedding catalogs or single products on your webflow site. You'll be able to create products inside the Printful Shopify app (very helpful if you have product variants - sizes & colours). I've played around with this set up but unfortunately haven't got anything to share. A few things that bothered me about Shopify embeds are that you lose the product search and filtering functionality typically found on the online Shopify channel (might be achieved with JS Buy SDK) or WooCommerce.

Any code ninjas out there work with Buy SDK?


For what it's worth, Foxy integrates with Printful and multiple other print-on-demand services via our partner OrderDesk ( Custom integrations can be built with our API and webhooks.



I built by using a series of html embeds referencing product categories in an Ecwid shop. It's a little bit limited (can't animate changes between categories/sorting/etc. since all it's doing is basically changing iframe content) but it was super easy.


Hi @Cricitem,

Thank you for you still get good seo juice for your products if you're using an iframe?




Agreed! So, as @DigtalCrusader said, any code ninjas out there who work with Buy SDK?




Specific "products" do not get organic listing, as far as I know, but the site does very very well overall. If you search "morkie puppies for sale" we generally show up in the top 3.

Just checked it and Google is claiming we're not mobile friendly, which is a surprise. I'm guessing that may be related to Ecwid but I'm not going to worry about it until we get penalized.


Hey Josh,

What I'm really missing is what is showing here with sizes and color variations…Shopify doesn't appear to have an easy to integrate solution Webflow either. Thoughts?




No problem at all. Our integration with Webflow's CMS allows for product variants and even product modifiers (ex: change price based on specific options). If you don't mind, message me and I'll send you step by step instructions along with examples.



@nathanphilsteele is a great way to go. It's amazing and what I use for all my E-commerce projects now.


Hi @foxy

I've messaged you :slight_smile:




Hey @nathanphilsteele
Just sent over step by step instructions. Let me know if you need anything.



Hi Josh,

I was asking printful how to go about saving my customizations to printful and they asked me which platform I was using. I told them foxycart and they said that you aren't on the list and they sent me this link. I even mention they still said they did not integrate with you:




Hey Nathan.
I think there may be some confusion on their end. OrderDesk sends order details to Printful to handle the fulfillment. There are special parameters you'll need to pass that Printful will need (ex: print_sku). I recommend reaching out to OrderDesk and confirming what information you'll need to pass in your product forms and how the Printful integration works. David and his team are awesome! Let me know if I can help with anything.