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E-commerce site with Purchase Order instead of Purchasing Cart

Hey all,
I’m developing a cannabis dispensary site that needs some specific compliance functionality.
The high level is that the site can NOT show product prices. Additionally, accepting payments through a processor for THC containing products is sketch at best and should probably be avoided for the time being. .

What I’d like to create, is a version of an e-commerce site where customers can put together a cart of products that become a ‘wishlist’ or ‘purchase order’. There needs to be an purchase method optional charge for Delivery vs In-Store Pickup at checkout. None of these items or purchase methods should include pricing but the user will submit that form via email to the administrator who will send a payment request for the total amount to the user’s email through a 3rd party processor.

Question: How can I keep all the cart functionality of a checkout page but submit a form with all the wishlist/purchase order details instead of … checking out?

I have developed a similar solution with the following:

  2. Payment Gateway (pm me if you want a referral)
  3. Zapier
  4. FOXY.IO

Prior to commerce deployment, you can create purchase orders with:

  1. Build a Form like you normally do on webflow on CMS pages.
  2. Bind CMS ‘Products/Purchase Order’ pages to your unique purchase order bindings.
  3. ZAPIER results into your CRM and E-Mail Notification
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Hi @Zyzyx.
Josh from Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with Foxy + Webflow. If you decide to do payment transactions, we work with a number of high-risk gateways/processors. Feel free to email us more details about your needs and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction: