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E-commerce website with multiple currency display and checkout - Foxy Cart?



I’ve a client who wants me to build them a website which shows multiple currencies and where customers can checkout in multiple currencies. As far as I can tell, shopify does not support this at the moment.

Does anybody know if this could be solved using Foxy Cart?

Another issue is the display of the different currencies - probably EUR, GBP and USD. I want a dropdown at the top of the website where people can select their currency and this then toggles the display of their selected currency. My idea is that I will create each product with 3 different price fields - one for each currency. Then some javascript or something to toggle whichever currency the customer selects. I can’t imagine it’s too difficult - but does anybody have any ideas to get me started?


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Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton
Thanks for posting. Yes, this is possible with Foxy and Webflow. Using our Template Set functionality (, you can allow customers to choose their currency/language in a couple of ways.

Choose before entering store
Have customers choose their preferred currency/language before entering store portion of website:

Choose at anytime
Create a dropdown or list of currency/language options that pass in the desired template set into the customer’s cart session:

Let me know if one of these approaches will work and I can send more info. Feel free to message me.



Hi Josh,

That’s great - thanks for the quick reply and the info. Both look like good solutions. Perhaps the second is sleeker.

I’ll be in touch if I need more help.



No problem at all. Definitely let us know if you run into any issues.


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