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E-commerce Wishlist


Hey Webflow team!
Very excited about the future of Webflow E-commerce and the possibilities that it might offer us. A feature request that seems to be poorly integrated across other platforms are quote request. Believe it or not some of the major bounce/abandon cart behaviors we observe from our e-commerce analytics is due to people quoting out for themselves items they are interested in, but not ready to commit to. I feel this is a missed opportunity to properly get information on prospective clients and capturing important data. It would be to both our benefit (client and business) to be able to quote out ( via PDF, email) products and services from our store and give us the ability to capture information (registration, form) that provides the client a service (a quote), provides us a lead, and provides analytics a conversion.
We currently have workarounds for this, plugins, custom code - but it’s not the ideal construct.
Would love to see this ability integrated into Webflow’s e-commerce!
Cheers all.


Yep - would definitely love this to make the feature list!

In the meantime, I believe it’s do-able with @foxy integration :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to know. Thank you!


Josh is super-quick too, I imagine you’ll have a guide in your DMs in no time!


Thanks @StuM!

@Jonas76 Super nice to meet you! Foxy can handle a quote type system even in conjunction with accepting payments as needed. Feel free to message me and we can setup a time to do a phone/Skype call if needed.



One feature I will need for ecommerce is not just the ability for a customer to pay for something once on my sites, but also for them to be able to subscribe to something which they would pay for monthly.


Hi @DarwinRoss.
You can do this with Foxy right in your Webflow website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to show you a demo and help you get started.



@foxy I may be switching away from Shoprocket - their support is challenged right now. Can we PM/DM or email for more details?


Hi @Jonas76.
Absolutely. I’ll send you a quick PM.



I did ask about this in yesterdays live session. It’s about payments in the new eCom.
As you said you will start with Stripe, thats fine.

What i realy want for the first release is a custom payment option. Where i can set up my paymenttype, the customer then have the option to pay with my custom type. It will not involve any security problem since this is an manual payment option. My only need is to set the order as paid.

Shopify do offer this solution.

You also said that you will add more payment options, very good. Since i’m from Sweden we do have payment providers that it’s not in the interest for you due to low customer base. What i realy would like to have as an possibility to add new gateways as a developer. How can we solve this?