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E-commerce Wishlist


Hey Webflow team!
Very excited about the future of Webflow E-commerce and the possibilities that it might offer us. A feature request that seems to be poorly integrated across other platforms are quote request. Believe it or not some of the major bounce/abandon cart behaviors we observe from our e-commerce analytics is due to people quoting out for themselves items they are interested in, but not ready to commit to. I feel this is a missed opportunity to properly get information on prospective clients and capturing important data. It would be to both our benefit (client and business) to be able to quote out ( via PDF, email) products and services from our store and give us the ability to capture information (registration, form) that provides the client a service (a quote), provides us a lead, and provides analytics a conversion.
We currently have workarounds for this, plugins, custom code - but it’s not the ideal construct.
Would love to see this ability integrated into Webflow’s e-commerce!
Cheers all.


Yep - would definitely love this to make the feature list!

In the meantime, I believe it’s do-able with @foxy integration :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to know. Thank you!


Josh is super-quick too, I imagine you’ll have a guide in your DMs in no time!


Thanks @StuM!

@Jonas76 Super nice to meet you! Foxy can handle a quote type system even in conjunction with accepting payments as needed. Feel free to message me and we can setup a time to do a phone/Skype call if needed.



One feature I will need for ecommerce is not just the ability for a customer to pay for something once on my sites, but also for them to be able to subscribe to something which they would pay for monthly.


Hi @DarwinRoss.
You can do this with Foxy right in your Webflow website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to show you a demo and help you get started.