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E-signature for contract on a website


I want to add a contract/ sales agreement for the website I’m working on.

It will have the text portion that are listed contents of the agreement and there will need to have a way to sign it.

I would love it for it to be pdf online or a form with a section that can SOMEHOW allow e-signature. Something like how adobe sends contract to sign via e-mail.

Is there any way on doing this?

Please help… I’m no expert, I’m just helping a family business out.

Do you mean via an integration with Webflow?

We use Zoho Sign for our contracts which is quite a good solution. It also allows you to send requests/contracts via an API so this could be automated and triggered from a Webflow form submission, or other workflow system you use, if this is the aim.


Yes something like that would work perfectly, except I would like it to be ore affordable/free if possible at all.

I know that Zoho Sign does have a free plan but you lose API access for that. I think the requirement to be cheaper than the plans offered by Zoho Sign will be a stumbling point.

The only other sign service I can think of with some decent free access is Pandadoc, but again there would be no automation.