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E-tickets store


Feeling a bit like I am never going to be satisfied…
But… it would be nice to be able to use e-com for e-tickets.
So there is no physical product and thus no shipping.
And a date and time selector would be needed.


Hey Marcel, I agree that this would be a great feature!

In a blog post a while back, they mentioned that they would be looking into adding ‘digital product’ support after the launch (right at the end of the page):


Great thanks for pointing it out. And yes it is still early days.


We’re definitely looking to support more ‘digital goods’ / products that don’t require shipping in the near future.

My guess is that product options / variants (which is in active development right now) and digital goods support (on the roadmap for the near future) would get you what you need to support a general e-ticket use-case.

I would certainly recommend checking out our Wishlist and adding or voting for any specific features or functionality that you would like to see us add:

We use the Wishlist as one of our primary inputs into prioritization and planning decisions, so it is a great place to communicate your desire and support for the new features you care most about!