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Easing with Scrolling natively with Webflow using data attribute


Please how can I add easing effects(e.g ease in and out, etc) to section scrolling in webflow. Am aware I can control the speed("data-scroll-time=1", etc) but I want to be able to control the easing too with data attribute. Anyone with an idea?


Hi @topelovely great question. At this time the easing mode is hard-coded into the platform. But there might be a way to disable Webflow’s scrolling and do something custom with JS.


Can you kindly share the "hard-coded code"? Not a fan of js overload with webflow. Waiting in expectation. Thanks @PixelGeek


Each project has a copy of Webflow.js, hard-coded here means there is no API to properly override the default option within that file. You can always export and manually change the easing function.


@samliew please can you kindly point me to the line of the exported code (js) to hard code/insert/edit the easing effect to my project. Will most appreciate. Thanks for being more specific.

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