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Ecommerce - Is this possible?


Hello Guys

I have been to see a prospective client, who has some quite specific requirements and I’m really not sure if Webflow can deliver.

Lunch Buffet Delivery Business
Client requires a grid of 18 products and wants visitor to choose any 6 to go into cart.

Q. Is it possible to set the page to only move on once exactly 6 items have been selected?

Q. If yes, can a QUANTITY button be added? (eg 6 items for 10 people = 60 items)

Q. Is it possible to include calendar and clock, so that visitor can choose required date/time for order delivery? Or a form field to enter a delivery time?

I’m not expecting good news, but if you don’t ask eh? :blush:

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Hello @RugbyWebDesign

I don’t think this is possible just yet with Webflow but I’m pretty sure @foxy can help you with this.

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@aaronocampo Thank you for the mention!

@RugbyWebDesign Nice to meet you! What you’ve described is possible with Foxy + Webflow. Are you available for a quick phone/Skype call today or next week? I’d love the opportunity to learn more about the specifics and get you a working demo. Feel free to DM me.


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Thanks Josh. I’m in the United Kingdom, so I fear timeframes may be an issue. It’s 7pm in UK which is Beer O’clock. I’ll DM you over the weekend ready for Monday


No problem at all. I’ve done literally hundreds of phone/Skype calls with Webflow users all of the world. We’ll find a good time. :slight_smile: Just let me know your availability.