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Ecommerce Site Done with Webflow and


haha thanks for the edit @PixelGeek :wink:


Hi @quarshcreative.
Thanks for getting in touch! All products (adding/modifying/removing) are managed in Webflow (via CMS, Designer, or Form Builder). Managing actual subscription accounts and store settings in handled in the Foxy admin. Feel free to message me your info and we can setup a phone or Skype call.



Hey there,

How did you make those selections? And integrated them with a collection? Like the size or color.


Perry Martens


Hi @studiofive.
We’ve built an integration that lets you input options in a single line text field in Webflow’s CMS (ex: Blue, Yellow, Green) And a select dropdown or radio group is automatically generated. All designed and styled to your liking with Webflow’s Designer.

Also, the integration allows you to use our product modifiers. This means that you can modify the price, weight, sku, and category based on what option the customer chooses.

Please message or email us and we can get you more info:



Really nice site.
Only thing I see is some code in the cart!


@J_Canan Good catch. Looks like @jaymal might have fixed it already. Let us know if you’re still seeing it.



@J_Canan hi man. Thanks. Got it fixed. Funny what i did there. I am sure @foxy gets it…lol. Thanks for pointing it out.


Is the background of the cart popup changeable?


Hi @J_Canan
All Foxy related templates (cart, checkout, receipt, emails) can be completely customized using your own html, css, and js.

Some customizations may require basic css knowledge, but we’re more than happy to help if you run into any issues or have questions.

To change the sidecart background color, you’ll need to add custom css to your Configuration settings in Foxy. You can learn more here:



Ok, awesome thanks! I have another question to that I will email you about!


Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile: