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Ecommerce Testing site (CMS menu system)


Hi folks.

A couple of days ago i did write a post regarding the problem with more complex products and the Ecommerce. I was desceibing that it is hard to build a menu system with many options like, Vendor, Brand, categories and more. I have now been playing around with the product and found a way that makes it better, not good but better (looking forward for improvments). I did build i CMS menu system to handle selections, and it’s built in Webflow. It’s a suggestion but i would like to show it for you.

We have one problem that still remains. That is the add to cart button. Since the add to cart button only can be used in the product page the user interface it’s not perfect. With some selections you are forced to use an extra page/extra step before you can add the product to the cart. I know that this will be fixed later by Webflow where you will be able to add to cart from a collection.

Here is the link to my Ecommerce Test site

PS. This site is only a test and playground for me. No styling done for small devices.
If you want this as a clone project pls. let me know, then i have to change all images.

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