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Ecommerce Tracking not working with Google Tag Manager Installed

Since adding tag manager to my e-commerce site its Google Analytics e-commerce sales tracking has been severed - I am aware one needs to use custom code to use the sales tracking in line with Tag Manager but I do not know the fields or completion url on Webflow.

Any thoughts?

Very very urgent as we’re currently losing very important conversion data.

Would love some pointers from anyone who has implemented this successfully with Tag Manager and Webflow Ecommerce.

Im not using TM but Have problem with Analytics. No conversions in Analytics. Seems to be check out

@Waldo @RileyJones @vincent @cyberdave

Hi guys,

Sorry to attention grab but we need to use Google Analytics with Tag Manager on all our sites but we can’t seem to track Webflow’s e-commerce revenue because we don’t know the fields or purchase completion URL.

Really need some internal Webflow help on this as I can’t find any information anywhere and we’re losing very valuable revenue data.

Would appreciate any help on this!


Hi @tjthomsonjones I will investigate further on my end, and will reach back out as soon as I have more information.

Hi @johnramos ,

Any progress on this - losing a serious amount of data because of this. Would really appreciate some help here!

Many thanks,


Hi @johnramos

I noticed that both @AlexN and @rileyrichter helped out on a previous issue with Webflow’s integration with Google Analytics before an update was made back in May.

The issue we are specifically having is that Google Analytics is not tracking Webflow’s e-commerce data when implemented using Google Tag Manager but works fine without Tag Manager and hardcoded.

We really need to use Tag Manager and continue to lose valuable transaction and ads data becuase this continues to not function.

We really need your help on this guys!