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Edit Form Validation Message


Hi there, is there a way to edit the form validation message? I will need to translate it.


How to style "please fill out this field" for form

This? You can activate the different states of the form. Activate the success one and edit the message. This way you can also style the messages, edit their look.


Actually, I am talking about this messages:


Ok. Helpers or tooltips... can't find the exact term.

The answer is here

So you shouldn't have to translate the messages, they're the browser messages and take its default language.

Look mine in French:

Your browser, or OS may be set to english, right?


Hi @vincent,

Oops, yes, my browser is set to english. Sorry for that. smile



Is there a way to style them? I need to change the icon and format


@vincent Any update on these? Is there a way to change these tooltips in a custom way, at least texts.

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