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Editing map widget on dynamic page


I need my dynamic pages to have a map widget on each page. I understand that the Dynamic content does not support pulling data to the map widgets yet. How can I do this manually, when I edit one, all of them change.


Unfortunately, it is not possible with using dynamic templates. Only if you use static pages with dynamic content in it, you can change design or content on different pages. :confused:


well that is awkward. I have 45 pages of dynamic templates that need a map each.

Webflow team, any info of this being implemented on the roadmap, we can wait a couple months? widgets and all.


Can you update your post with your read-only link or published site? I would like to reference it to see if custom code could be used to solve the issue. :smiley:


Same here. I need my event post page able to display dynamic map for different gallery.


I already have an address field in all of my dynamic entries. All I need is just the option to put "select from dynamic field" in the map widget...

Please can someone from webflow tell me if that is in the pipes. I have 3 other sites for clients that need to go live within 2 months with this feature.


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