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Editor Invitation Emails Layout Issue in Apple Mail


I’ve only looked at this in Apple Mail on macOS High Sierra and iOS but the invite has a rendering issue on macOS. There, the length of the url seems to shift everything to the right edge of the window. The email looks fine on iOS.

Additionally, a minor thing but I’m a :nerd_face: — the profile photo is left-aligned on both macOS and iOS which may be intentional but since the rest of the content is centered it feels like the photo should be centered as well.


Hi @Derek

Thanks for posting about this odd glitch.

I did some testing on this end and there are some definite inconsistencies with accessing a content editor invite email in a browser vs the MacOS Mail app.

I’ve alerted the team of these and we’ll work on a fix – thanks for the feedback here! :bowing_man:


I’m gonna give you 3 guesses on how many minutes I squinted at your thumbnails trying to figure out what language that was.


I wanted to hide the site name so that people wouldn’t go to it, since it’s not very good. :smile:


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